Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Welcome to RGVFTC

Welcome to the Rio Grande Valley Fly Tiers Club (RGVFTC). On Tuesday, June 11, 2013 a group of individuals interested and committed to educating, promoting, and participating in the art of fly tying will meet to organize the Rio Grande Valley Fly Tiers Club. The meeting will be held at Bass Pro Shop's meeting and training room at 6:30 p.m.

The organizational meeting will be attended by individuals who originally are part of the Laguna Madre Fly Tier's Group. The intent was to take advantage of the perks afforded to clubs chartered with the International Federation of Fly Fishers. The IFFF has a fifty year history of bringing those interested into fly fishing together.

The Rio Grande Valley is growing and the number of fly fishing clubs will soon be two. The name of the fly tying group was changed slightly to avoid confusion with other clubs working toward charter memberships with the IFFF. The Laguna Madre Fly Fishing Association is hoping to develop a charter within a few weeks. The two groups will continue to work with one another by partnering in bringing nationally renown speakers and providing a common voice for the concerns of south Texas fly fishers.

The Laguna Madre Fly Tier's Group enjoyed a loosely organized group. We want to continue to have the same level of comfort and friendship as always while at the same time encouraging others to join in. Now as the Rio Grande Valley Fly Tiers Club we will focuse on educating individuals of all skill levels. One important aspect is that fly tying can be easily enjoyed by women and children. Our intent is to provide a venue for these groups to develop their skills in fly tying and venture out to our beautiful estuaries.

Thank all of you for making the Rio Grande Valley Fly Tiers Club a gem in the IFFF.

Dr. Reynaldo Ramirez, Jr., Co-founder and Organizer


  1. Hey Rey, I hope you guys form the best club in Texas.

    Walter McLendon

    1. Thanks Walter. We'll have to awesome clubs here in the Rio Grande Valley willing to work together and with all other clubs in the state.